About Micro Brewing SA

Micro brewing SA began as a commercial brewery after being a successful stainless manufacturer in the Marine and stainless steel industries prior to that. Always with an interest in brewing, started home brewing in Australia in 1989. The first brewery built was the Valley Brewery in 2011 and ran as a much loved and successful brewery, at the infancy of craft brewing in South Africa. At first it was difficult to get into the market and educate the South African public about craft beer, but once beer lovers tasted the London Ale, Valley Weiss or any of their great beers, things changed and the brewery quickly expanded to a capacity of 3,000 liters per month.

With micro-brewing expanding at a rapid rate and the demand for micro-breweries and associated brewing equipment on the rise the Valley Brewery was sold as an operational Brewery to become lakeside brewery which is expanding capacity even further. With their additional marketing skills and using the brewery provided, they are producing the finest craft beers in Cape Town and are making a huge success growing from strength to strength.

The sale of Valley Breweries enabled Micro brewing SA to concentrate on the manufacture of brewery equipment and breweries . This includes the designing manufacture, consulting and installation of single stainless steel vessels to turn key operations and brew pubs.

The company offers: All brewing equipment, Hot Liquor tanks, Mash Tuns, Boil kettle, Fermenters, Bright conditioning tanks. Grain crushers, Bottle fillers, Keg washers. We have a full understanding of the brewing process, from grain crushing, mashing, lautering, boiling, cooling, yeast, fermentation, carbonation, conditioning, bottling, kegging and dispensing .

More important we have a full understanding of SANITATION, the most important part of brewing is SANITATION. This is SUCCESS of FAILURE. Everything we do, all equipment built has SANITATION in mind.

Sterilization is autoclave, steam, above 121 DegC. Also UV, ozone . Micro brewing rarely goes there. The most you can do is boil @ 100C for a good length of time. So micro brewing is about sanitation. Sanitary welding, sanitary construction and fittings. Its about cleaning and the ease of cleaning and chemicals

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